The Tom Tom Manifesto

Tom Tom Audio is one of the UK’s largest and most-respected dealers of Naim Audio high end hi-fi equipment. We’re honoured to have been with James Almey (Tom Tom’s founder) and his team from the very start – the company set up shop way back in 2003 with a single-page website that listed second hand amps, pre-amps, tuners etc (which henceforth shall be referred to as ‘preloved‘ equipment, a label that fits the bill perfectly; this kit is highly sought after and revered by a legion of Naim Audio devotees).

To celebrate Tom Tom’s 10 year anniversary, we collaborated with James on a series of marketing initiatives to commemorate this auspicious occasion (notably, during this period Tom Tom had grown from a seller only of preloved gear to one of the Naim UK’s top dealers).

We Build Time Machines

To commemorate the milestone, we started preliminary discussions with Tom Tom Audio to project how we might further develop the brand and explore ways in which we might expand the company’s online presence. The focus of these conversations coalesced around Jim’s vision for MKII – a radical reimagining of the original website (in itself, an outlier in terms of design and creativity in the relatively staid hi-fi industry). The end product – a content-rich, highly stylised and original resource for all-things Naim – went live in 2018 after three years in development. It’s testament to a shared vision, collaborative approach and desire to think ‘outside the box’ that Tom Tom goes from strength to strength.

The 'Tom Tom is Ten' logo

Thinking Outside the Box

For a business selling extraordinary aural experiences to its customers, Tom Tom Audio has developed its own unique visual language to promote the brand. It’s a strategy that has helped distinguish the company from its competitors, producing an enviable catalogue of eye-catching, concept-driven marketing campaigns. The ‘Thinking outside the box’ video ably illustrates Tom Tom’s ethos to do things differently and do them better.

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