We’ll be honest, we love it when a client asks us to draw. In fact, it almost doesn’t feel like ‘work’. We just wish more clients would do it  – not only because it brings us immense pleasure, but because illustration remains a uniquely personal medium  for bringing ideas to life. We believe that anything – and everything – is possible with pencil and paper, and with the addition of a little movie magic (see animation) you get an even bigger bang for your buck (plus the chance to outshine your competitors, which is never worth less than its weight in gold).

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Bring your marketing to life

Here are some of the illustration projects we've worked on over the years for a range of clients. We've included artwork representing all stages of the process - from scribbles to the finished piece.


Multi Media Creative

Our friends at MMC (Multi Media Creative) really love Christmas. They love illustration too. They also happen to be exceptionally generous people, so it follows that when December rolls round each year they should don their elf hats and brainstorm ideas for seasonal gifts to send their clients. Over the years, their customers stockings have bulged with mini drones, bluetooth speakers, wind-up robots (called Ralph) and snazzy waterbottles. 

To round off the package, MMC commissions us to illustrate their annual Christmas card. The initial brief always stipulates that we incorporate that particular year’s pressie somewhere in the picture. As projects go, it’s one we look forward to with great anticipation each year. It’s clear that MMC understands and appreciates the value that commissioned illustration can bring to any project, both online and in print. Feedback from their clients serves as testament to that.

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