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Engage your customers one frame at a time to harness the true potential of social media. YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – it’s all there, isn’t it? A raft of global marketing platforms with mindboggling reach, each one ready and waiting for…what? The poorly-lit iPhone footage of Lisa and Terry getting their zipwires tangled on last year’s team building away day? Don’t even think about it. No. Grab the popcorn and dream instead about lights – camera – action. The magic of the silverscreen. The 30 second animation that goes viral and attracts 10,000 new followers to your Insta account. Dream the dream. Bring your idea to life.    

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A sequence of images that change over of time to give the impression of movement. Or to put it another way: a chance to tell your story, sell your product or service, using a medium that has the potential to engage, surprise, amuse and enchant your audience of customers. Try doing all that in Powerpoint.    

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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a brilliant way to add meaningful content to your website and social media platforms. They’re a versatile medium for informing customers, educating staff, and enriching pitches and presentations. 

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Video Editing

So…let’s say the best footage you have for your next promo video is that blurry iPhone movie of Lisa and Terry on the zipwire (see intro above). Don’t despair! Our editing kit-bag contains all the clever tools for snipping and splicing even the dodgiest footage into shape.

image from the animated Pencil

The Animated Pencil

There are times when a project takes on a life on its own to such an extent that the final output bears little resemblance to the objective of the original brief. In the mysterious case of the animated pencil, the initial brief was straightforward: to illustrate and animate a looping masthead graphic that would engage the viewer while promoting the agency’s illustration and animation credentials. Artwork and layout for the ‘Pencil’ promotional PDF 2B or Not to Be A short

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Understanding the Importance of Skin

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Neal's Yard: Understanding Your Skin

“We are going to go on a journey to understand the largest organ of the body”
~ Your Skin ~

In a nut shell, that was our brief: to storyboard and ‘direct’ a four minute animation explaining…well, the skin; what it is, what it does and how it does it. For us, the project was highly educational on two fronts: we learned a great deal about the skin and we mastered the art of cell (sic) animation. More importanly, the client was delighted with the finished video.  

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